10 Things Harder Than Losing Weight

Someone asked me recently how I lost weight, so I referred them to my post on losing weight.  I saw the person a few weeks later and he said that it sounded “too hard.”  His words surprised me because I did not feel like it was difficult at all to lose the weight with the slow carb diet — there are no calories or points to count.  I started thinking about what is hard, so I made this list of ten things that are harder than losing weight starting with personal anecdotes and moving on to more serious items.

1. Coming home from a cruise to find none of your pants fit

I once returned from a cruise to find that none of my pants fit. I had to run to the store on a Sunday night to buy pants to go to work the next day. Not that it is difficult to buy pants, but it is hard to realize that you can’t wear your pants any more and that you went up one more size.

2. Wheezing as you walk up a flight of steps

Our office is full of stairwells and few elevators so we have to walk up and down steps all the time. Being out of breath from walking up a few floors is hard. It is also embarrassing when you are walking with a co-worker.

3. Not being able to tie your shoes

I could not reach down and tie my shoes without pain because my gut was in the way. That was hard.

4. Sleeping poorly

I used to wake up at night with the feeling that someone was choking me.  I probably had sleep apnea from being overweight. After losing weight, I sleep better. Not getting a good night of sleep is hard.

5. Realizing you are on your way to 300 pounds

I did the math and realized that I was on my way to 300 pounds if something did not change. I had gained on average 7 pounds per year. Since I was up to 260, I was probably going to hit 300 pounds before age 45. The math was easy, but the realization was hard to take.

Donating Clothes - My old 42 inch waist shorts after losing weight

Donating Clothes – My old 42 inch waist shorts after losing weight

Now for some more serious things that are harder than losing weight.

5. Having Diabetes

Although, I did not have diabetes, being overweight causes type 2 diabetes. Estimates indicate that half of Americans will be diabetic or pre-diabetic by 2020.  I think having diabetes would be hard.

7. Having Osteoarthritis

“Obesity causes osteoarthritis by increasing the mechanical stress on the joint and therefore on the cartilage. In fact, next to aging, obesity is the most significant risk factor for osteoarthritis of the knees.” (source) Experiencing pain in your knees just from walking is hard.

8. Having a stroke

Being overweight can cause heart disease and strokes.  Having a stroke sounds hard.

9. Having cancer

Being overweight increases you chances of having cancer. In fact, being overweight may be the leading cause of cancer. Having cancer is hard.

10. Having Alzheimer’s

Being overweight can cause Alzheimer’s in two ways: fattening diets and poor sleep. I know Alzheimer’s can be hard because my grandmother had it.

Seriously, following the slow carb diet is not all that hard.

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  • Bobby October 1, 2012, 2:51 am

    I couldn’t agree more. Losing weight can be hard but dealing with the alternative is deadly.


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