BodPod Results Prove Weight Loss w/ 4HB/SCD

As recommended in the book  the Four Hour Body, I have performed several tests to measure changes.  Last week, I returned for an updated BodPod Scan at the Memorial Herman Executive Wellness Center.  Per the BodPod chart, I started out the year as a Risky (High Body Fat) with 34% and have dropped to moderately lean with only 19% body fat.

Over the year I lost 45 pounds of fat and gained six pounds of muscle.  I thought training for and completing the MS150 would have caused me to gain muscle, but I actually lost one pound of muscle. (I’m riding the MS150 again from Houston to Austin in 2012.)  I also doubt that I gained any muscle from running a half marathon.  So that means it is highly probable that I gained seven pounds of muscle in just over three weeks of CrossFit.  Per the results of a regular scale, I thought my weight loss had stalled over the last month when I was still losing fat but also gaining muscle at the same time.

Here is another inspiring example of weight training and diet that I came across via Leroy Gardner.

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