Next Fitness Step – Joining CrossFit Elevate (PHOTOS)

So, I lost weight, completed the MS150 (I am riding the MS150 again in 2012), ran a half marathon, so what should I do next for fitness and health?   Well, as I promised LeRoy Gardner, after I finished the half marathon, I joined Crossfit Elevate in Katy, Texas. LeRoy is one of the owners of Crossfit Elevate and has convinced me of the benefits of the training.

I took photos for the CrossFit Elevate Fall Brewses CrossFit Competition and became even more sold upon the training due to all the absolute grit and determination that I saw which was stacked up upon the strength and physical fitness. Photos of the event are below.

I decided to start and made the mistake of showing up on a Saturday without checking the CrossFit Elevate Blog. Normally, there is a free Saturday morning community workout per the usual schedule, but I showed up on the day of a competition.  Never one to back down from a challenge, I entered the competition — it was my second CrossFit work out ever.  I completed the regular men’s competition event and completed the following WoD scaled down to the women’s weight.   So just about one week after completing a half marathon in 2:02, I found myself face down in the grass sucking for air, consciously holding food down, and people standing over me asking if I was OK.

I had planned to start the following Monday but that was delayed due to the pain from Saturday.  So my third CrossFit workout was Wednesday and the fourth Friday of last week (Second week of November 2011). The following Monday I started in earnest by following it up with a work out on Tuesday (including a 10 mile spin bike ride in 20 minutes shortly after the WoD), Wednesday, Friday, and Saturday. Right now it is Sunday, and I need more rest. I am nearly certain that I did more pull ups on Friday than I have completed in my entire life — and that was half the prescribed number.  I’ll be back, but need a few more days to recover. I don’t see myself doing five days per week again for some time.

Here are some of my favorite photos from Fall Brewses CrossFit competition.


Full-size photos from the event are available:

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